Dear Client

Two communications from me in 30 days !! You’d think I was short of something to do. However the world has changed so quickly in the intervening period. I am well into my 60’s now, and can’t ever remember being in lock down. It does all seem slightly surreal.

Last night my wife and I sat down to watch a disaster movie. Nothing like it to take your mind off matters.

Although our office has now had to close, all the True Bearing team (65 of them), are beavering away from their home desks. We had business interruption plans in place for many years, we just didn’t quite anticipate, that a nasty little virus, would cause us to initiate those plans.

Your adviser, and their assistant are active, ensuring your financial plans, are being monitored. They may well have already spoken to you. If not you can still phone them. Skype and Facetime are being fully utilised.

As I write, markets have perked up a bit. A positive reaction to the various government support plans, especially the US. True Bearing has an investment strategy that embraces multi asset investing. This means that the majority of you will have your money spread very widely. Similar falls to the FTSE 100 are only likely for those of you, at the highest end of the risk scale.

Most of you are between 3-6 on the risk scale. 1 is extremely low, up to 10 which is very high. Your portfolios will have fallen much less than the UK stock market. Your IFA can bring you up to speed.

Our investment managers, have been looking for buying opportunities, whilst markets fell. They all follow the adage that you make money by not losing it. Might sound boring, but boring can be satisfying when investing.

I am sure we can all come through this. Solutions usually appear when the great minds of the world are all working on the same challenge.

Stay safe.

Kindest Regards