True Bearing Score a Hat Trick

We are delighted to have achieved Top 100 Status for the third year in a row.

Each year, IFA Firms are assessed by their leading professional publication ‘New Model Adviser.’ Nationally there are in the region of 10,000 Financial Adviser Firms. True Bearing have achieved Top 100 status for 2016, 2017 and now 2018.


So what makes a Top 100 firm?

There are several key criteria, ranging from high levels of qualifications, retention rate of clients year after year, to putting something back into the local community. Also included are growth in staff numbers, increasing levels of turnover and acceptable profitability. Nobody wants an IFA firm to fail financially!

Compliant processes and procedures are essential. At True Bearing, we have our own strong in-house compliance team, but then also employ external compliance auditors twice a year to check the checkers. We don’t have to do this, but we still do.

The top firms must have a clear and demonstrable business strategy. They must really know their clients and be able to prove it. For those advisory firms that are independent as True Bearing are, they have to demonstrate how their recommendations match client needs.

Possibly most important is how the firm develops its advisers and staff. My belief is that this is the most essential part. Employees who are cherished and encouraged to progress, are happier and more motivated. Our staff and advisers are constantly taking and passing higher level exams, vocational qualifications, personal and skill improvement workshops and so forth. We have attained Gold level for Investors In People for the last 8 years.

Our Clients Trust Us

True Bearing believes in Good Advice and Good Service. North West clients must trust us. Now with over £560 million invested and a serviced client retention rate of over 99% year on year, we know that for a fact.

However, we know we can and must continue to improve. Many projects are on the go to improve the client experience and improve our quality of service.

We really are the people who lie awake at night thinking how can we do this better!!


If you would like to speak to one of our Independent Financial Advisers, please complete our enquiry form or call 01257 260011.