I have always admired the sheer common sense of Lord Digby Jones.  He states:

“Don’t blame the consumer, provide what the more street savvy technologically connected, globally mobile customer wants.

Tomorrow’s customer eats differently, socialises differently, travels differently, borrows differently, finds entertainment differently, gets the news differently.  He or she lives longer, feels entitled, has no room for deference, doesn’t want to know your problems in giving ( selling) them what they want, has little time and no patience.”

Financial Advice business’s have to adapt and adopt or else decline. In 2009 True Bearing became Chartered. In 2010 adopted ground breaking Investment Strategies. In 2011 created a Marketing Plan to grow significantly. In 2012 redesigned and improved it’s Client Service offering. In 2013 launched it’s Pre Retirement Seminar programme. Also in 2013 launched Bread and Butter Advice to provide financial advice simultaneously online and by phone. In 2014 created, organised and sponsored the Last Choir Singing Competition for Junior Schools in Lancashire.

And finally in 2015 we have launched True Bearing Legal Services.  I hope our business would get the nod from Lord Digby Jones.