Choosing the right person to handle your financial affairs is extremely important. But finding a financial adviser who is suited to you and your needs can be a challenge.

True Bearing Chartered Financial Planners is a firm of independent financial advisers, based in Euxton, Lancashire. They outline what you should consider when you are choosing a financial adviser.


Think about the advice that you’re looking for

Firstly, you must know your needs before you set out to find the right adviser for you. Depending on the type of advice you need (investments, pensions, retirement planning, etc) they will assist with your selection of financial advice.

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Independent or restricted financial advice?

This is probably the most important question you could ask.

There are two types of adviser: independent financial advisers (IFAs) and “restricted” advisers.

An adviser or firm that provides independent advice is able to consider and recommend all types of retail investment products that could meet your needs and objectives. IFAs must consider products from firms across the whole market. They also have to give unbiased and unrestricted advice and must work in their clients’ best interests.

A restricted adviser or firm can only recommend certain products, product providers- or both. The adviser or firm has to clearly explain the nature of the restriction.


Check experience and qualifications

Consider the level of experience and qualifications the adviser has. Don’t be afraid to ask them. You may prefer an adviser who has additional qualifications for further reassurance that he or she is able to meet your needs. The Chartered Insurance Institute has various qualifications which advisers generally gain. There is also “Chartered” status, which requires a certain level of qualification plus five years’ experience. This is the CII’s highest qualification. The qualification promotes the highest standards of integrity, technical competence and business capability.


Get it in plain English

The financial services industry is incredibly complex. In short, it is always changing and often communicates in jargon.

When choosing your financial adviser, you should ensure that:

  • Your adviser truly understand your goals
  • They help to create a plan for these to be achieved
  • Importantly, make sure that they communicate with you in plain, jargon-free English


It’s all about relationships

You are entrusting the financial adviser with one of the most important things in your life. Your financial well-being. Your financial adviser should give you peace of mind and work on building a trusting, long-term relationship with you. This should allow for a bespoke financial plan that is tailored to your individual circumstances and needs.


Diligence is key

In essence, you must take the time to research potential advisors who can help you efficiently and effectively plan to reach your financial goals. You should never settle for anything but the best advice.


Who are we?

True Bearing is an award-winning chartered firm of independent financial advisers, launched in 2003.

They have been entrusted to look after the investment, pension, protection, mortgage and estate planning requirements of more than six thousand personal and professional clients* throughout the UK.

The culture of the business differentiates them. They use jargon-free plain English when discussing financial planning options with their clients. Their aim is simple: to deliver good advice as well as a good service to clients. They achieve this through their highly qualified, experienced team of independent financial advisers.

For more information on True Bearing or to book an appointment with one of their advisers, please call 01257 260011 or email


*This is based on the number of clients choosing True Bearing as their ongoing and transactional adviser.



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