Chorley-based, True Bearing Chartered Financial Planners, in conjunction with the charity ‘Hand on Heart’ have donated a defibrillator to Gillibrand Primary School in Chorley.

Hand on Heart defibrillator at Gillibrand Primaryv1

l-r: Victoria Burrows (CEO at Hand on Heart), Sue Mills (Office Supervisor at True Bearing), Gillibrand pupils; Thea Robertson, Molly Wignall-Smith, Harvey Perkins, Eessa Mohamed, Richard Jennings (Adviser Assistant, True Bearing) and Sharon Bryson (Headteacher at Gillibrand Primary)

Through a series of year-long fundraising initiatives, including raffles for extra days holidays, Easter extravaganzas, Christmas quizzes and much more, the firm has managed to supply a defibrillator and training provided by ‘Hand on Heart’.

About 12 young people die every week from sudden cardiac arrest. Of these, 270 are children who will die at school and 80 per cent of those will have had no previous symptoms.

Having access to a defibrillator can be life-saving. For every minute that a person is in cardiac arrest, their chances of survival drops by 10 per cent.

Susan Peary, Managing Director at True Bearing, said: “We are delighted to be helping our local community and this fundraiser means so much to everyone at True Bearing.

“Supplying defibrillators to schools enables them to be heart safe and this life-saving piece of equipment gives peace of mind to the staff, parents and pupils at those schools.

“Thank you to all our team at True Bearing who have been involved in this project, they unselfishly give their donations which clearly benefit our local community.”

Head Teacher (pictured), Ms S Bryson, of Gillibrand Primary, was thrilled to receive the call from True Bearing, she said: “The call came out of the blue and we were delighted that True Bearing chose us. Having a defibrillator in the school has been on our agenda for some time, but, budget constraints have meant that we have been unable to do this.

“Having this essential piece of equipment in the school gives us the confidence should something unexpected happen and allows us to do our best in that situation.”

Victoria Burrows, Chief Executive of Hand on Heart, said: “We’re committed to ensuring that we provide all schools with a defibrillator and that we train staff and pupils. We have already supplied 850 schools with the training and equipment and our aim is to reach 1,000 schools by our fifth birthday.

“Without the efforts of firms like True Bearing this just wouldn’t be possible and we are grateful for their continued support of the charity.”

Gillibrand Primary School currently has 196 pupils on their register and the defibrillator is now in the school and ready to use.