If, at True Bearing we seem relatively relaxed about the recent stock market falls, it isn’t that we don’t care; George Critchleywrites George Critchley, Chairman. We have been here before. Not just once but several times.

The markets overreact like irrational people. Fall too much on bad news, rise too much on good news. I am sure you all have a friend or relative who does the same thing.

Ultimately stock markets reflect the true value of their constituent companies. Over the medium to longer-term, this comes through. Always.

So what to do now? The professionals in investing, buy low, and sell high. Just like in farming. Many fund managers are now looking for buying opportunities. They see the longer-term game.

At True Bearing, we expect our clients to be concerned about the effects of the Coronavirus. We would counsel our clients though, to be patient when it comes to their investments.

In March 2009, during the “Banking Crisis” stock market falls were up to 45%. Our advice to our investors was as above. Just a few did sell and lost significant amounts of money. The vast majority ( 99% plus ) stuck and were rewarded in a much shorter time period than seemed likely.

This Thursday, March 5th, 4.30-6.00pm, there is an investment seminar. This was arranged months ago but is very timely. You are more than welcome to come along and hear from 2 fund managers who manage in total about a quarter of all our clients investments. The venue is the Dunkenhalgh Hotel, just off junction 7 of the M65. If you would like to book a place then please call 01257 260011


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