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True Bearing

Estate Planning

Here at True Bearing Chartered Financial Planners we are unique, not just in our ethos and approach to financial advice but also in that we have an in-house Legal Services team.

Our Legal Services team are able to act as intermediaries, guiding you through complex legal matters such as setting up Lasting Power of Attorney, Will Trusts and other aspects of Estate Planning.

Together with our Independent Financial Advisers, our Legal Intermediaries can provide a complete Estate Planning package for our clients from advice to implementation. There are many benefits to dealing with a Legal Intermediary. It means you are dealing with a single point of contact, making the process simple and stress free.

Having a professional legal adviser with you every step of the way, completing important documents for your paperwork can reduce errors and keep overall costs down.

Diane, Brian and Mark of True Bearing Legal Services offer a personal, bespoke and individual service to clients looking for advice on all aspects of Estate Planning. They bring with them a wealth of life experience, superb listening skills, empathy and legal training. 

To start your estate planning journey today please call our Legal Services team on 01257 260011 or complete our contact form for a no obligation meeting with a Legal Intermediary.

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