From 1st July 2014 to 30th June 2015; True Bearing Chartered were committed to providing St Peters CE Primary School in Chorley with the following lifesaving package through the Hand on Heart Charity (Registered Charity Number: 11453116):

  • Lifepak CR Plus Defibrillator
  • Adult and child electrode pads
  • Wall bracket
  • Rescue kit (razor, wipes and scissors), carry case and wall sign.
  • The package also includes training for up to 8 staff members on a 4 hour AED course and also 30 students to be taught basic life skills.

We are delighted to say that on 9th July 2015, True Bearing Chartered provided St Peters CE Primary School with their package after successfully raising £1,198.80!

The money was raised by True Bearing Chartered staff and advisers through various activities such as raffles, dress down days, a baby picture competition and much more.

For more information on the Hand on Heart Charity, please visit:

School children with True Bearing staff and defibrillator mascot

The Hand on Heart Charity (Registered Charity Number: 11453116) has a simple goal; to prevent the deaths of the 12 young people who die due to a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

The reality of it is:–

  • 12 young people die each week due to Sudden Cardiac Arrest
  • 270 children a year will die in school from suffering a Cardiac Arrest.

The only definitive treatment for a cardiac arrest is a lifesaving shock from a defibrillator. A shock must be delivered within the first 3 minutes of a victims collapse to achieve an increased survival rate from 6% to over 74%!

Until the government help and support our schools to have this life saving piece of equipment it is up to charities like ours to help and support the school communities across the UK.

Anyone of any age, health, height or gender can suffer from SCA which is why taking the necessary precautions against this is vital, especially in schools a place we consider safe for our children!