George Critchley

George Critchley, Chairman, True Bearing Chartered

There is a saying in the financial advisory world: “Inheritance tax may take up to 40% of your estate but care fees could take 100%.”

An elderly relative of this article’s author lived in a Fleetwood nursing home for 13 years till her death at the age of 103.  Up to going into the home at age 90, this relative was looked after by her children who themselves were 72 years old!

The challenges faced by those we trust to help us in our old age are formidable and long lasting.  Care organisations, local authorities, doctors and all in the medical profession fight to make the most of limited resources.

Within this environment, True Bearing Chartered has created an expanded ‘Centre of Excellence’ for Financial Advice related to the need for care.  We are responding to an ever increasing demands. We work in conjunction with several local law firms, who are also becoming ever more skilled in the legal aspects.

Late last year, True Bearing Chartered hosted a training seminar for 50+ solicitors.  This event, presented by specialist barrister Tish Hanifan  was very well received.

If you need guidance for yourself, family members or those you act as Attorney for,  contact True Bearing Chartered now.