At True Bearing we believe there should be no difference between our personal beliefs, and professional values and culture; writes Helen Lupton, Compliance Director at True Bearing Chartered Financial Planners. So it was no wonder that with many of us on personal zero waste crusades at home, it was easy to form a taskforce to look at how our company could make sustainable changes.helen-lupton

A quick audit revealed that the office created 25 bags of landfill waste a week. This was a statistic that made me cringe!

A Year of Change

As a result, 2019 was the year of change at the True Bearing headquarters. Some changes were easy. For example, we asked Russell our milkman to deliver glass bottles instead of plastic cartons. A few were logistically challenging; who knew that introducing a tea towel rota for our kitchen instead of reams of industrial paper would be so tricky! Some are still on a wish list, such as LED lights, and an electric car charging station outside. Several have brought humour and hilarity! We began to use for bamboo toilet roll wrapped in pretty paper!

The heartening thing is that everyone came up with brilliant suggestions when they started looking at their working life with new eyes. Our marketing manager suggested looking at Carbon Trust approved paper for our stationery. Chad our paraplanner is looking at ways of reducing printing while our receptionist, Demi, is now a demon at recycling cardboard from our suppliers.

We certainly aren’t finished with the changes, but its small steps like these that will gather momentum. By choosing to make the changes we are committing to making True Bearing as sustainable as possible so that when we talk to you about whether you are interested in investing sustainably, you can be assured we are living those values too.

The True Bearing team

And what of those 25 black plastic bin bags?…..well just like the current Winter winds heralding a changing season, I can let you know we are now down to 10 bags a week using recycled plastic bags!

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