The world EU referendum1has not come to an end, despite the best efforts of the media to finish it off.

Having been a financial adviser or director for over 25 years I feel I have have been here before (several times!).

Financial markets act like an irrational person. Whether they are up or down they always over react. For the next week or two you may observe excessive volatility.

Stay calm , if you are an IFA reassure your clients. True Bearing follows a multi asset investment philosophy, and a benefit of this is reduced fluctuations in values. Our fund managers built some Brexit protection into their portfolios.

Ultimately the markets will return, and then probably over react on the upside as commentators come to realise the world is still turning as normal.

Fears about job losses are overplayed. True Bearing along with most other small to medium size employers will continue to develop and grow. You may not know that 80% of UK employees are employed in small to medium sized firms. If you want to know how the real economy is going, then ask these people. Of course the press don’t do this.

The pound will drop in value, at least for a while. This means our goods are cheaper for foreigners to buy. This means that the pound will start to rise again. The pound does this week in, week out. It’s what it does, like the tide. In- Out – In – Out….get the picture.

Stay calm, go for a run this weekend. Drink a decent wine (yes the French, Spanish and Italians will still want to sell us their produce), or watch the footy.

In time this so called cataclysmic event will merely be a small ripple in the sea of history.