Running with Rick Update from 1st April to the 16th June 2019

Runs: 53

Total Distance: 533.96KM

Funds Raised so Far: £405.00 (40.5%)

Events Completed: 11

Injuries – 5

Having started my challenge over the festive period I have run though some very inclement conditions including rain, sleet, snowstorms and ice and now I have started to experience running in the heat! I’m a naturally hot person so it has taken a certain amount of getting used to, honing my fuel strategy to avoid dehydration whilst trying to maintain your standard pacing. It can be extremely testing. I think I prefer the snow!!


I continued with my training throughout the month of April without any organised events to take part in. My last running related action of the month was to enter the Ballot for the London 2020 Marathon. Watch this space!!


Chorley 10K / 2K Family Run

My first event in May was the inaugural Chorley 10K. Firstly I took part in my Daughter in the 2K family run and, although I saw it purely as a warm up she really put me through my paces. The temperatures were increasing and I could tell it was going to be a challenging event.

I completed my second lap and ran up past a huge crowd outside the town hall cheering us all on. What a buzz! I powered home and registered new 5K and 10K PBs!

I thoroughly enjoyed the event and this is one I will definitely do again but take my own hydration next time!

To celebrate my finish I ate a Chorley Egg, drunk my own bodyweight in ale and watched Chorley Magpies seal promotion to the National League!

Chorley 10K Family Fun Run      Chorley 10K Family Fun Run


Great Manchester Run 10K

Manchester was my first ‘Big’ event, attracting over 30,000 runners! I was happy to be a part of it but I learned quickly that the crowded field was not something that I was overly fond of and limited my ability to ever build up a head of steam. I finished below the hour mark but fell a few minutes short of a PB, mainly due to the extremely congested first 1K.

There were some very enjoyable segments such as the strobe lit ‘Hacienda’ zone but overall this is not an event I think I would enter again. I prefer the smaller, club run events which have a much more ‘friendly’ feel to them.

The major plus point to having a run in Manchester was having a Taco Bell Volcano Burrito



Blackpool Promenade 10 Miler

As I gradually upped my training mileage as part of my Half Marathon training programme, I arrived at the long running FCR events Blackpool Promenade 10 Miler well prepared but full of trepidation. I was about to take a step up.

I really enjoyed this event as, with it being a longer distance the pace was a lot more relaxed. Weather conditions were perfect and my fuel strategy went perfectly. Finished with a time that beat my target. My favourite moment was running up towards the tower!

To celebrate it had to be Fish & Chips and a well earned cup of tea.

Blackpool 10 miler


Freckleton Half Marathon

This is it. The big one. All my training so far was working towards this. You won’t find any ‘Fun Runners’ here. Everyone is taking it seriously, not least of all me. I was coping extremely well, sticking to both my pre race and mid race fuel strategy when disaster struck at mile 8. Excruciating shooting pains in my right foot brought me to a sharp halt, releasing a plethora of strong language. This couldn’t be my first ‘DNF’ could it?

No. I need to finish this. I completed the rest of the challenging event by repeating the process of walking followed by running. I finished my first Half Marathon in 2Hrs 25 Mins and calculated that I had lost around 15 Minutes due to my injury.

I am out of action for around 2-3 weeks but I am happy as I did something I never thought I’d do. I am a Half Marathon finisher!

I have three further Half Marathons booked in 2019 so I have opportunity to improve on my time in the future.

Freckleton Half Marathon

“Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.” … Dean Karnazes

Forthcoming Events

Penwortham Bypass 10K/ Family Race

York 10k

Howler Summer Half Marathon

Fleetwood Half Marathon

Wigan 10k

Tough Mudder

Preston 10k

Manchester Half Marathon

Blackburn 10k

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