Shareholder Agreements for Business Owners

Shareholder AgreementsIt is never too late to set up a shareholder agreement. Of course, in a perfect world this would be done at the start of the business. If you are a partner in a company partnership then a Partnership Agreement is just as applicable.

Successful businesses should put in place shareholder agreements to protect the shareholders’ equity in the company, to establish a fair relationship between the shareholders and to govern how the company is run.

To help avoid disruption and additional costs involved in resolving possible future issues, business owners should set aside the time as early as possible in their relationship to discuss and agree a shareholders’ agreement.

Some common ‘What ifs?’ that can happen in any business that can be at best highly disruptive and at worst fatal without a Shareholder Agreement in place.

How can True Bearing help?

  • What happens if a shareholder dies?

  • What happens if a shareholder who is a director loses capacity?

  • What happens if a shareholder is made bankrupt?

  • What if a Director Shareholder wants to retire?

  • What if we want to issue more shares?

  • What if we want to take on investment or raise finance?

  • What happens if shareholders disagree?

  • What happens if the business is to be sold but a minority shareholder won’t sell?

  • How is the value of the company to be decided?

  • What happens if a director shareholder leaves and contacts my clients?

Do not wait until it all goes wrong. Let us help you put the rules in place that will help to avoid wasted time and potential damage – if you have any questions on shareholder issues, please contact us for an informal chat or to book an appointment.

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Our Barrister Intermediaries have successfully completed examinations and are registered with and accredited to the Legal Services Guild.

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I have been giving my legacy planning some careful thought for many years and been offered various pointers and advice during that time. Nobody however, was able to support me clearly, given the regular changes in law and my specific requirements. From day one, Diane was very diligent, clear and open to questions & so I felt immediately confident that I would use True Bearing Legal Services.

I cannot thank her enough for helping me to fulfil my lifelong dream and I hope she is recognised for her hard work and contribution. Heartfelt, genuine thanks from me and all my family.

Sadhna Bharat, Runcorn

Diane has treated me as an individual and took the time to listen carefully to my goals and often raised questions for me to consider that I hadn’t necessarily covered. My whole family is now engaged and informed of my legacy planning because of her attitude and approach. She has been thoroughly supportive and was free to advise me at any stage throughout the past few months.

Whilst I respect the professional work that True Bearing do, it is Diane that I fully bought-in to, she has given me the confidence to bring my wishes to fruition and I would recommend her services in a heartbeat.

Sadhna Bharat, Runcorn

I sought True Bearing legal services to set up legacy plans following a devastating critical illness diagnosis to my Wife. Part way through the legacy planning process, my wife passed away unexpectedly. The support and help I received from True Bearing Legal Services, and in particular from Diane Bush was invaluable. I was able to contact her anytime during difficult times when I was either at hospital, out of hours or via email with my queries and concerns about what was happening.

I highly recommend True Bearing and Diane Bush for helping to arrange legacy planning no matter what your circumstances are, and encourage people to make plans as life can change unexpectedly. Once it’s all set up correctly, the feeling of security and peace of mind is very reassuring.

IM, Shropshire

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