True Bearing Chartered Financial Planners have launched an initiative designed to address  employees’ concerns and requirements when they approach retirement.    Our Pre Retirement Workshops offer practical and effective advice.

Pre Retirement WorkshopsTopics covered include:

  • Ins and outs of the Employer’s Pension Scheme
  • Estate Planning to protect assets
  • Investment, Savings, Risk, Tax
  • State Provision
  • Health considerations and Lifestyle Planning

Unlike many other retirement course providers, True Bearing offers the most highly qualified representation from start to finish.  Each of our speakers are specialists in their chosen field, bringing a wealth of experience and industry knowledge to the workshops.  This gives employees the necessary information to face their next phase of life with confidence.

By the end of the workshop, our aim is to equip employees with the right strategies for a more enjoyable and secure retirement.  Feedback so far has shown satisfied employees and growing employers including Chorley Borough Council, Hyndburn Council and Merseyside Police.

For more information, please contact Maria Dabipi on 01257 260011 or email her on