Sustainable Investing

Sustainable Investing | Putting my money where my mouth is! Written by Helen Lupton Compliance Director at True Bearing 

I walk my dog on the beach every weekend picking up litter, drinking tap water from a glass bottle. I keep a reusable bag to hand for when I go shopping and try to avoid food in non-recyclable containers (black is definitely not the new green!). All this makes me feel I’m doing my bit for the planet, in an age when plastic pollution and climate change are daily headlines.

So why, why, aren’t I applying the same standards to my pension and investments?

The financial services industry is a multi-billion pound industry managing eye-watering sums of money. Behind that are investments in companies around the world who are never held to account for the impact they have on our lives. And in my small corner of Lancashire, that just isn’t right.

But what can I do about it I hear you ask.

What influence can I have? Well, there is a solution these days, and thankfully it’s gathering more and more press attention. Sustainable investments used to be the preserve of the rich or the righteous, neither of whom had to bother too much about growing their money over saving the planet. But now, there is hard evidence that investing in companies with good corporate governance can provide returns over investing in those companies who don’t give a hoot.

Sustainable investing

It doesn’t have to mean investing in micro-companies either, where the risk you are taking is eye-watering. We all need to make sure our money is invested wisely, and now that can mean wisely for the investor as well as our children’s future.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can dip your toes in the clean plastic free waters of sustainable investing, speak to your Financial Adviser.  They will be able to talk to you about sustainable investing, and the different types of investment proposition that are available to enable you to do good, avoid harm and make money.

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