What is the Financial Planning process? The building of a long lasting relationship is at the heart of the service we give to all our clients. This relationship starts the first time we meet and you will work closely with your financial adviser throughout the financial planning process. In order to help you achieve your financial goals, True Bearing Chartered Financial Planners will take you through a journey.

The Financial Planning Journey

In the first step of your journey, you will meet with your adviser and together we will establish your financial goals. We will prioritise any competing goals by getting to know you and learning what is important to you.

Next, we will then gather all the information you have provided, both factual and subjective such as your hopes, fears and attitude to risk. These are all important elements that we need to pull together in order to create a financial plan that will work for you.

Thirdly, we will analyse the data we have collected and identify any gaps in your current plan when compared to your goals. This is essential so that we can ensure that we have the best chance of meeting your financial goals.

Next, we will develop a plan for you. This plan will be tailored to your circumstances and goals, and we will obtain your approval before we begin to implement it. We will then implement this plan to your bespoke requirements and in your timescales. This will involve our whole team including back office staff and our paraplanners working together with your financial providers.

Finally, monitoring is a vital element to ensure that your financial goals remain on track. Your goals may alter over time, in this case, we will sit down with you and look at what changes need to be made. The cycle will then restart.

The True Bearing Advice Process

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