The Coronavirus outbreak has seen supermarkets run out of essential supplies and a weeks wait for home delivery slots. You will all have heard that the nation was panic buying toilet roll! You probably wondered why, too! Around 1.5 million people classed as extremely vulnerable have been asked to stay indoors for 12 weeks. The rest of the population have been asked to stay at home. They may only leave the house to exercise or make essential journeys. People are pulling together on a scale we’ve not seen since wartime to help their friends, families and neighbours.

One of the True Bearing values is to support the local community. This support has never been more vital than during this extraordinary and difficult time. Many members of the True Bearing family have been offering their time to support a variety of local and national agencies.

Blood Biker

One of our colleagues, Andrew Sutherland is a Blood Biker for the NHS. This entails doing two shifts a month working out of hours delivering blood supplies, milk and health notes in all weathers. Currently, the charity is also helping the fight against Coronavirus by transporting Covid 19 samples.

Good Samaritan

The GoodSam app began recruiting for NHS volunteers on 23rd March. Within days of launching, 750,000 people had volunteered their time in a variety of ways. These include Independent Financial Adviser Mike Hawthorne, who has signed up and is eagerly awaiting his first call out.

Red Cross Volunteering

The Red Cross provide a variety of help nationwide to those who need it. Our Independent Financial Adviser, David Houghton has signed up to be an Age UK Volunteer and will begin delivering food parcels to at risk people in his local community on the 14th April.

Local Aid

Other members of True Bearing staff have helped their friends and neighbours out. They’ve been washing windows, grocery shopping for the elderly and doing small jobs. Facebook groups have been set up by local good Samaritans so people can easily ask people in their area for help. On the flip side, some of our staff fall into the ‘at risk’ category so they have been grateful to others for helping with their shopping during this time.

Get Involved

It has been lovely to see this increase in community support during the Coronavirus crisis and we hope it continues long after the current situation is over. True Bearing Chartered Financial Planners are proud of all the team members who are volunteering their time during this crisis and beyond. If you would like to get involved with any of these initiatives yourself then follow the links below:

Red Cross volunteers

The Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes

GoodSam NHS Volunteer Responders